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The school will remain closed on 13.11.18 on account of Chhath Pooja Festival. Wish you a very Happy Chhath Pooja. | SilverZone Olympiads Date of Examination: IIO-30.10.18; IOEL-2.11.18; IOM-19.11.18; SKGK-20.11.18; IOS-22.11.18; International Social Science Olympiad-27.11.18; ITHO-29.11.18; International Reasoning and Aptitude Olympiad-5.12.18; | Online Petroleum Conservation Quiz for Class VIII-X from 01.07.18 to 15.01.19. For further details visit www.pcracompetitions.org | Online Terre Olympiad for Class V-XII from 15.08.18 to 15.09.18. For further details visit www.terregreenolympiad.com | Online Humanity Olympiad for class IX-XII from 15.08.18 to 30.08.18. For further details visit www.humanityolympiad.org (school code is 65573) | Students must report to school by 8:25am daily. School gates will get closed at 8:30am sharp. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the school after 8:30am |

Co-curricular Activities

From Date To Date Co-curricular Activities Class Download
04-Oct-2018 04-Oct-2018 Quiz club Quiz-II IV-X Download
14-Sep-2018 14-Sep-2018 Relief Fund for Kerala flood victims I-XII Download
06-Sep-2018 06-Sep-2018 Essay Writing Competition VI-VIII Download
05-Sep-2018 05-Sep-2018 Teachers Day For Teachers Download
04-Sep-2018 04-Sep-2018 Quiz Club – India and Heritage VI-VIII Download
04-Sep-2018 04-Sep-2018 Cleanliness Drive VI-VIII Download
28-Aug-2018 28-Aug-2018 Annual Science Exhibition I-XII Download
28-Aug-2018 28-Aug-2018 Annual Science Exhibition I-XII Download
26-Aug-2018 26-Aug-2018 Language of Enlightenment VI-VIII Download
25-Aug-2018 25-Aug-2018 CELA Workshop for Teachers For Teachers Download
16-Aug-2018 16-Aug-2018 Science Exhibition VI-VIII Download
14-Aug-2018 14-Aug-2018 Independence Day Celebration I-XII Download
14-Aug-2018 14-Aug-2018 Independence Day Activity VI-VIII Download
08-Aug-2018 08-Aug-2018 Installation Ceremony 2018 VI-XII Download
03-Aug-2018 03-Aug-2018 Investiture Ceremony 2018 I-XII Download
31-Jul-2018 31-Jul-2018 Badge Ceremony 2018 I-XII Download
30-Jun-2018 30-Jun-2018 Fire Safety Workshop For Staff members Teachers workshop Download
30-Jun-2018 30-Jun-2018 Workshop for English Language Teachers Teachers workshop Download
15-May-2018 16-May-2018 Art of Good Teaching For Teachers Download
11-May-2018 11-May-2018 Mother’s Day Middle Wing Download
11-May-2018 16-May-2018 Best Out of Waste Activity IV-XII Download
10-May-2018 10-May-2018 Quiz Club Quiz-1 VI-X Download
21-Apr-2018 21-Apr-2018 Science Slogan and Science toon VI-VIII Download
21-Apr-2018 21-Apr-2018 Club Activity VI-VIII Download
24-Mar-2018 24-Mar-2018 Orientation Programme for Class VI VI Download
06-Feb-2018 06-Feb-2018 Painting Competition Middle Wing Download
02-Feb-2018 07-Feb-2018 Sports Week Middle Wing Download
27-Mar-2017 29-Mar-2017 Orientation Programme for Parents I, VI & IX Download
26-Jan-2017 26-Jan-2017 68th Republic Day celebrated gloriously by Cecilians I-XII Download