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Kindly download the Datesheet for Pre-Term of Classes IX, X and Unit Test of XII (2018-19) from the Latest News | Reopening Dates: Class-Prep(C-12)-4.7.18; Class-Nursery(C-12)-6.7.18; Class-Prep(J-9)-4.7.18; Class-Nursery(J-9)-5.7.18; Class- I -5.7.18; Class- II - V - 4.7.18 | Absent message service will not be available for class XI students in the month of May-June. Service will be resumed in July 2018. | Students must report to school by 8:25am daily. School gates will get closed at 8:30am sharp. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the school after 8:30am |


Designation Name of the Student Class
President Pratyaksh XII A
Vice President Kriti Sharma XI A
Senior Member Aryan Rana XII A
Senior Member Yashika Vashisht XII A
Senior Member Shubham Aggarwal XII A
Senior Member Bhavishya Sehdev XII A
Senior Member Megha Mahajan XII A
Senior Member Aastha Sharma XII A
Senior Member Lakshay Kapoor XII B
Head Frame makers Harshit Kumar X A
Head Frame makers Khushboo X C
Head Wizkidz Anmol Sharma XII A
Creative Head Khushi Sachdeva X D
Head Cyber Coders Akshat Mehta IX C
Head Cyber Coders Aashray Bhalla IX B
Head Pixalato Jatin Aneja XI A
Head Pixalato Bhavya Suri XI B
Organizers Vaibhav Gera XI A
Organizers Saiyam Kalra XI A
Organizers Kritika Verma XI A
Organizers Aashwin Kumar XI A
Organizers Atharv Kapoor XI A
Organizers Himank Sehgal XI A
Organizers Ritik Goyal XI B
Organizers Ujjwal Kalra XI D1
Organizers Arjun Jiji IX A
Organizers Anshuman Goel  IX B
Organizers Aditi Juneja IX B
Organizers Navkiran Kaur IX B
Organizers Madhur Chhabra IX D
Organizers Danish Saini IX D