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The school will remain closed from 28.9.17 to 2.10.17 on account of Dussehra, Muharram and Gandhi Jayanti. Office will remain open on 28.9.17. | We support 4th National Deworming Day and request the parents to contact their doctors for deworming of their ward. | Students must report to school by 8:25am daily. School gates will get closed at 8:30am sharp. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the school after 8:30am. |
Date Name of the student Class Event Position
15.4.17 Daksh Arora VI-A Science Slogan I
15.4.17 Nipun VI-C Science Slogan II
15.4.17 Samarth Verma VI-D Science Slogan III
15.4.17 Astha Srivastava VII-C Science Toon Competition I
15.4.17 Paarth Siloiya VII-D Science Toon Competition II
15.4.17 Khushpreet Kaur VII-B Science Toon Competition III
15.4.17 Kashish VIII-A Science Toon Competition I
15.4.17 Harleen Kaur VIII-C Science Toon Competition II
15.4.17 J. Harishankar VIII-D Science Toon Competition III
29.4.17 Saksham VI-A English Quiz I
29.4.17 Niharika VI-C English Quiz I
29.4.17 Kashvi VI-A English Quiz II
29.4.17 Astha Srivastava VII-C English Quiz I
29.4.17 Deepesh Ahlawat VII-C English Quiz II
29.4.17 Harkirat VII-B English Quiz II
29.4.17 Amrit Singh VIII-B English Quiz I
29.4.17 Neha Luthra VIII-C English Quiz I
29.4.17 Aastha Batra VIII-A English Quiz II
29.4.17 Pratham Asthana VIII-C English Quiz II
29.4.17 Manasvi Aggarwal VI-A Poster Making I
29.4.17 Shagun VI-D Poster Making II
29.4.17 Saksham Arya VI-C Poster Making III
29.4.17 Pari Arora VI-C Poster Making Consolation
29.4.17 Deepesh Ahlawat VII-C Poem Writing I
29.4.17 Aryan Mohan VII-D Poem Writing I
29.4.17 Sraavya Kochar VII-C Poem Writing II
29.4.17 Harshleen Kaur VII-B Poem Writing III
29.4.17 Ridhima Arora VIII-C Article Writing I
29.4.17 Harshleen Kaur VIII-C Article Writing II
29.4.17 Aastha Batra VIII-A Article Writing III
27.7.17 Sadhna Narang VI-C Banner Making I
27.7.17 Akshita Sachdeva VI-D Banner Making II
27.7.17 Tejas VI-D Banner Making III
27.7.17 Yana Gupta VII-C Slogan Writing I
27.7.17 Jhumpa Bannerjee VII-C Slogan Writing II
27.7.17 Shaivi VII-D Slogan Writing III
27.7.17 Harsh Mahajan VIII-C Encyclopedia Design + FFC I
27.7.17 Arpita Matta VIII-C Encyclopedia Design + FFC II
27.7.17 Tanisha Arora VIII-D Encyclopedia Design + FFC III