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Students will have Diwali Holidays from 18.10.17 to 21.10.17. Office will remain open on 18.10.17. Wish you a very Happy Diwali | We request you and your family to celebrate Cracker free, Pollution Free Eco friendly Diwali. Wish you Happy and Prosperous Diwali | Class XII Accountancy UT scheduled for 17.11.17 has been rescheduled due to Commerce Olympiad. It will now be held on 23.10.17 | Students must report to school by 8:25am daily. School gates will get closed at 8:30am sharp. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the school after 8:30am. |


Editorial Club
Designation Name of the Student Class
President Kritika Saini X
Vice President Soma Banerjee X
Cecilian Reporters Mishka Rana IX
Cecilian Reporters Srirupa IX
Cecilian Reporters Madhur Chhabra VIII
Cecilian Reporters Mokshika Sachdeva VIII
Cecilian Reporters Navkiran Kaur VIII
Cecilian Reporters Lavanya Walia VIII
Cecilian Reporters Pranav Jhakaria V
Cecilian Reporters Niharika Chhabra V
Cecilian Reporters Lavisha Oberoi V
Cecilian Reporters Priyanka Rathore V