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Kindly download the Datesheet for Pre-Term of Classes IX, X and Unit Test of XII (2018-19) from the Latest News | Reopening Dates: Class-Prep(C-12)-4.7.18; Class-Nursery(C-12)-6.7.18; Class-Prep(J-9)-4.7.18; Class-Nursery(J-9)-5.7.18; Class- I -5.7.18; Class- II - V - 4.7.18 | Absent message service will not be available for class XI students in the month of May-June. Service will be resumed in July 2018. | Students must report to school by 8:25am daily. School gates will get closed at 8:30am sharp. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the school after 8:30am |


Designation Name of the Student Class
President Diksha XI
Vice President Prayanshu XI
Secretary Riya Sareen XI
Treasure Mahima XI
Vocational Service Director Akshit XI
Interact Service Director Shantanu XI
Youth Service Director Garima XI
Community Service Director Tejasvi X
International Service Director Khushi Rawat XI
Committee Chair Gouri X
Committee Chair Savi X
Committee Chair Rachit XI
Committee Chair Loveena XI
Committee Chair Khushi Gupta XI
Committee Chair Riya Awasthi XI
Committee Chair Khushi Kohli XI